From yoga to farming, philosophical thinking to boxing, GROW’s specially designed programme gives young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to think beyond their day-to-day routines. 


Since launching our pilot scheme at The Totteridge Academy, North London in May 2019 GROW has started a Forest School, built a community farm and teaches 250 students per week as part of the curriculum.


Headteacher Chris Fairbairn credits GROW with helping transform the school’s culture, “by encouraging our pupils to ask bigger questions and understand their place within the world.”


Our aim is to see GROW become second nature, as normal in a young person’s day as a maths lesson or football practice. 


GROW launches its second site this Spring and ultimately aims to bring 360° Learning to every secondary school in the UK by 2030.


If you have any questions about GROW or would like to discuss a possible partnership, you can get in touch with the team here.



The GROW Curriculum is currently running at The Totteridge Academy in Barnet. After a hugely successful pilot term, we are now delivering our programme to 250 Year 7 and Year 8 students a week with the aim to extend to Year 9 in 2020/21.


The GROW Curriculum is made up of three core modules: GROUND, THINK AND FLOW.


The structure of the year and module content will align with seasonal food and farming activities and life cycles, giving students a deep understanding of their place within the world and their potential to connect to it.  The modules will be intertwined throughout the year, with each one delivered on a rotating basis in 4 week blocks every term.


Students will leave the programme equipped with embedded knowledge and skills that they can carry with them into their futures.


All lessons will be delivered by expert educational facilitators. They will take place either in the dedicated GROW classroom or outside on the GROW working farm.

If you are interested in bringing GROW to your school you can download our curriculum pack HERE


In addition to our core GROW curriculum, we run a diverse extra curricular programme 'THRIVE' available to students from all year groups. The programme is designed to accompany and enhance the curriculum with a focus on outdoor learning and development of mental and physical well-being. Our 2020 extra curricular activities include Forest School, Yoga, Boxing, Mindfulness, Farm Club and the GROW Collective. 


GROW is providing a vital and valuable resource for our students and school community. Spending time outdoors, learning about food and nature, and building resilience have a hugely positive impact on our students’ physical, mental, and social health. Students who have taken part in the GROW programme have already reported an increase in overall well-being. This inevitably benefits their wider school experience and development. Since joining us in May 2019, GROW has significantly enhanced TTA’s culture of responsibility and care - for ourselves, for one another, and for our environment. I would recommend the GROW curriculum to any schools that see developing students’ knowledge and skills to support themselves, others, and the environment as essential for the future of education.

Chris Fairbairn, Principal of the Totteridge Academy

GROW provides such an incredible opportunity for our students to explore their own feelings and the world around them. Students have developed empathy for others, whilst also understanding how they can help themselves in their daily lives. For example, I have noticed that some of our students who struggle with anxiety are able to use strategies that they have learnt in their GROW lessons, such as breathing techniques and yoga, to help with self-regulation and managing a range of situations.

Frances Steel, Assistant Principal and SENCO at The Totteridge Academy


GROW has been a true inspiration for our son. Since starting at TTA only a few months ago the awesome GROW crew have really made him feel part of the team! It's a super valuable part of the curriculum that has been missing for years and gives the children real world application of many other subjects learnt in school. Massive thanks to the GROW team! We are all super excited to see and be part of the GROW revolution!

David, Father of Y7 GROW student

I have been and am continually impressed and inspired with the ethos and curriculum of GROW, and of the overall dedication to bringing the best of wellbeing into the classroom. The students seem really engaged with GROW as a whole. May it long continue and GROW!

Holly, Breath-work facilitator


I have learnt awareness, calmness and mindfulness in GROW lessons.

This has helped me be more aware of what is going on around me.

Beatriz, GROW student

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GROW is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity number 1099682.