The GROW farm is a 6 acre site in Barnet, North London, at the very beginning of the GREEN BELT


We grow VEGETABLES, FRUIT and FLOWERS using organic principles that we sell to the local community and businesses. We grow a wide range of crops, from carrots and cabbage for school canteens to specialist ingredients for chefs and restaurants. 

We keep BEES and CHICKENS and soon hope to extend our flock

to include sheep and goats for grazing. 


The farm uses best practices in REGENERATIVE FARMING. This means that we look after the soil on our site to grow crops that are both delicious and nutritious. We focus on CONSERVATION, making sure that humans and nature can both exist happily. This means that, as well as crop production, we prioritize planting trees, providing for wildlife and leaving areas to nature.


We want to show the next generation what the future of farming can look like.



Education is at the heart of GROW. We have a range of educational opportunities for adults and children, from farm visits to specialist workshops and sessions. 



The farm relies on our amazing volunteers. It is a great way to get fit, get outside, meet new people and learn skills. Please see the volunteering page for more info. 




We have a yearly seasonal trainee programme for those wishing to take a step towards a career in sustainable agriculture. Positions are normally advertised in February. 


For all enquiries about the farm or produce, get in touch with Sarah

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GROW is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity number 1099682.