Live Film Making with Dan Emmerson


Shoot and direct your own video about ‘flow state’.


Film yourself or somebody finding their flow state and then interview them or yourself about it. This means you will have to pick a location to shoot in, pick an action to shoot and pick some interview questions. if you want to give editing a go and you know how - please do. if not please send us your footage and we’ll look at it all in an editing session next week.



Remember...Flow state is when you are so immersed in a skilled activity and feel energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process rather than the outcome. During Flow state you can use all sense of time; you are fully present to the moment and at one with the activity you are doing. It can be accessed through any activity that requires a certain level of skill and challenge; gaming, sport, gardening, yoga, playing music, writing, reading, painting, singing, cooking or skateboarding.


And to make a film you need a combination of these three things:


1. A location or locations

2. Different shot types of the ‘action’

3. interview questions


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